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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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parachuting enters a 580 had traffic stops station will have live report. the bay area officially as the start of a second storm tonight. dan ruben-prd have brains are in the fall widespread across the bay.
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as we get a closer look we have rain falling all across monterey along with the east bay and into concord. the rain will steadily increase as the night progresses. wing's upper to 40 m.p.h. in the coastal regions.
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in pacific gas and they're not worried about floods their word about blackouts.
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on cornforth dhaka on europe just a click away from star tracker current traffic conditions and snow forecast. it's frightening scene on interstate 580 during a commute an adult male and a young girl were fired upon on the freeway. please still do not have word on who the shooter was. jeff-as please shut down the freeway on a visit to new to
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investigate the shooting many people were frustrated and confused. look at the bottom part of the unsure of the driver's side and to see where one of the bullets went through. the good news is that neither the driver or the passenger were hurt. pleased adelines we dropped a freeway to look for showcasing or any other evidence the define
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marijuantom over $15,000 and ma.
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the owners state that they thought there were saved on the bloc law. still to come tonight the rain is heading to the bay area you will examine how much it's gonna help in the battle against the state's drought emergency.
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cliff guarescued. three teenagers but down a cliff with the girl badly injured. surfers say the growth of more than to the fee and dance cov c. fire officials said the teams were not in areas accessible by walking to the the girl who fell remains in critical condition.
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the california court just announced that its illegal the touch your phone on driving however you can listen to the gps was driving. cool will donate six part $8 million to kids in san francisco to ride the bus system for free for two years--68 million.
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campus police shot and killed a man who said he would not drop the knife. the shooting is still under investigation. $687 million bill is california's new drought plan.
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the dark area is the most serious category iand his doubls in size and just last week. the entire or address the state is in than extreme drought.
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year due for a very messy morning commute marrotomorrow. very windy it already seen dust up to 40 mi. per hour lightning is very possible and a flash
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flood warning for central coast.
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curb side delivery mystery solved. >> isabel, your coat, they're looking for you. >> here she is, the street angel who gave up her coat to keep a newborn from freezing. >> we are going to take you coat shopping. >> how do you look? then, death by pet rat. the 10-year-old boy gone. was he a victim of rat bite fever? and -- >> thank you for the opportunity to testify. >> seth rogan outrage. the u.s. senators who walked out during his testimony. >> these people don't care. plus, kate upton cat fight. and then the stabbing victim nobody tried to save. >> she staggers around this corner. >> 37-year-old in this


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